Patient bath lifts helps to ease the workload

For many years bathing and showering have been heavy work for nurses and caretakers as they had to lift the patient whom is usually crippled and handicapped in one way or another and unable to move on their own. This could often cause pains in the back due to the workload. Thankfully there have come solutions throughout the years, such as patient bath lifts to help ease the workload and that makes the bathing more dignified and less straining on both parties. 

One of the better and newer ones are the TR 9650, a patient bath lift from TR Equipment that are both comfortable and functional. The lift makes lifting the patient both safe and efficient while easing the workload on the caretaker. It also works in plenty of different types of homes and care facilities. It's safe and easy to charge as well.

Easing the pain

Lifting the patient can be difficult for both the patient and the caretaker without patient bath lifts​ and it can often put emotional stress on the patient as they feel like they are but a large burden. With the lift, this can be alleviated and makes the daily routine of bathing much more bearable for the patient while also lessening the heavy lifting for the caretaker. Easing things for both parties should be a goal, especially since it'll likely lead to less sick leaves and tired mornings which should save money in the long run while making both parties happier.

 It's important to understand that saving too heavily on costs in the business of caretaking can have dire consequences and affect long-term profits heavily, for while it may work to save money and either avoid buying equipment or buying cheap, faulty ones for a little while, it'll affect both reputation and overall happiness in the care facility sooner or later.​​​